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How to Create & Use Adjustment Reasons in SpotOn Restaurant POS

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The above video shows how to create and use Adjustment Reasons.

Adjustment Reasons are very useful when wanting track why items are being voided.

Many times we see that only a few reasons are created and then owners & managers are left to asking their staff why something was actually voided. Unfortunately, either the staff doesn't remember or even worse, they are trying to hide something.

To have better control and stop the guessing, it is best to create as many of these adjustments reasons as necessary. Now we all know that you can't predict every reason an item may need to be voided, but you can certainly get pretty close.

Here are some of the most common & one not so common, but kinda funny, adjustment reasons that we've seen to be useful:

  • Server Error

  • Kitchen Error

  • 86'd

  • Customer Did Not Like

  • Customer Walked Out

  • Customer Paid with Cash so I Voided the Check So I Could Steal Your Cash - Ok...we actually never used this one but sure wanted to :)

Additionally these adjustments reason can be applied to Paid In & Paid Outs to gain even more control of where your money is going within your restaurant.

And remember that the ability to void can always be revoked within the Job Permissions section. In most cases, only managers are allowed to void. One really cool feature within SpotOn reports is that you can see which staff member requested the void and which manager approved the void. This can really help if suspect some team foul play is going on.

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