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Some of our Awesome Clients

Our clients love serving their customers and we love serving our clients.  

See below how we have helped businesses throughout Alabama, Florida & Mississippi run smarter and more efficient businesses.

If you happen to stop by for a bite, tell them we said hello.

P.S. We'd love to add you to this list.  Contact us to see how we could help you with your restaurant Point of Sale needs.

Smokey Joe's Restaurant & Catering Logo

Smokey Joe's Restaurant & Catering

Located in Dothan, AL. 

A family friendly atmosphere serving a little something for everyone. Known for their pizza wings & BBQ but also has great pastas, salads and more.

  • Problem: Outdated server based POS which was unreliable and had a lack of functionality, lack of reporting and lack of flexibility.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 4 stations, 4 kitchen printers and Online Ordering.

This improved both their FOH & BOH efficiency allowing them to turn tables faster without making their customers feel rushed.  Additionally providing them with the reports they need to run their restaurant more efficiently.

Fire Stone Wood Fired Grill

Located in Dothan, AL. 

Specializing in sourcing the best local ingredients and then combining those ingredients to provide unforgettable meals.

  • Problem: Unreliable cloud based system that kept falling off the network. Lack of customization, reporting & customer service.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 2 stations & 3 kitchen printers.  Online Ordering, gift cards, Itsacheckmate to integrate 3rd party delivery services and QSR Online for inventory management and labor management.

They are now able to build our their menu in a way that has an easy workflow for their staff and additionally makes it easy to train new staff members.  Itsacheckmate eliminates order entry errors and QSR Online has enabled them to stay on top of food cost.​

Fire Stone Wood Fired Grill Logo

Brag-N-Bones BBQ & More

Brag-N-Bones BBQ Logo.png

Located in Eastpoint, FL

Prize winning BBQ by Richard Wade featuring ribs, chicken brisket & pulled pork.

  • Problem: Needed a reliable POS & wanted excellent customer service

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 2 stations, 4 handheld POS stations, 1 kitchen printer, gift cards & Online Ordering.

This allowed them to open their restaurant without having to worry about the reliability of their system. The handheld POS stations give them the ability to take orders throughout the restaurant and at their outdoor seating area and provides a great customer experience. Online Ordering brought in additional revenue without bogging down their staff and phone lines. Having on-site training enabled their staff to serve their guest with confidence.​

Fatty Patty's Cakes & Cafe

Located in Panama City Beach, FL

Great southern food and mouthwatering desserts.  Try you hand at The Chubby Burger - 5 lb ground beef patty cooked to order with your choice of cheese.  Comes with lettuce, tomato, pickles & onions.  Served with a basket of fries.

  • Problem: Unreliable cloud based system that consistently lost orders along with having terrible customer support.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 2 stations, 6 handheld POS stations, 1 kitchen printer & gift cards.

This solution was an instant relief as it was reliable it did not lose orders which saved a lot of time and confusion. Being able to reach out to the support team that knew their business was paramount in making the switch over a smooth as possible.


The Mermaid Dive Bar

The Mermaid Dive Bar Logo.jpg

Located in Biloxi, MS

An cool bar located near the casinos.  Live music and live mermaids are sure to make this one of your favorite spots while in Biloxi.

  • Problem: Outdated server based POS which was unreliable along with having little to no customer service.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 2 stations & 1 kitchen printer.

This solved many problems, but the one that stands out the most is reliability.  Biloxi is prone to bad storms which can knock out internet.  With our SpotOn Restaurant POS systems, we install Cisco Meraki device that included cellular backup.  This enable them to stay up & running with or without internet.

Alice's on Bayview

Located in Panama City, FL. 

Delicious and elegant dining in the heart of Saint Andrews Bay in Panama City, FL.  Gaze over the bay as you enjoy your amazing she crab soup.

  • Problem: Outdated server based system that needed serious updates. Lack of customization, reporting & customer service.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 4 stations, 5 handheld POS stations, 3 kitchen printers and gift cards.

The flexibility of SpotOn Restaurant POS allowed them to program their menu in a fresh way that made order entry much easier for their staff.  On busy nights the handheld POS's allow them to work more efficiently.  Internet outages happen frequently and they would not be able to accept credit cards during the outage.  With the cellular backup they can now operate as normal.

Alice's on Bayview Logo.jpg

Bella's Fine Dining

Bella's Logo.jpg

Located in Dothan, AL

Dothan's premier fine dining restaurant.  Have a romantic dinner or celebrate a special occasion in the beautiful Colby building located in the heart of downtown Dothan.

  • Problem: Unreliable cloud based system.  Needed a more robust system to handle their complex needs.  Wanted better support than having to call a 1-800 number.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 4 stations, 1 handheld POS station, 1 kitchen display (KDS), 1 kitchen printer & gift cards.

They were able to build out a complex menu in an efficient way to enable their staff easier order entry.  The KDS made expo more efficient while saving on paper.  Having a dedicated support team has proved invaluable on a Friday night when they needed help quickly and didn't have time to wait on hold for 30 minutes.

The Gin in Geneva

Located in Geneva, AL

This is a really cool spot in Geneva, AL.  Serving casual bar food all day along with a scrumptious dinner menu. Check out the website for special events, live music and more.

  • Problem: Has a system that was designed more for retail.  Needed a true restaurant POS.

  • Solution: SpotOn Restaurant POS - 4 stations, 4 handheld POS stations, 4 kitchen printers, barcode scanner for retail items and gift cards.

SpotOn Restaurant was a great fit.  It enabled them to run their business as a restaurant and not like a retail business.  Easily being able to put a count on items and 86 items on the fly was a tremendous help to make sure their staff knew when something was almost sold out or was already sold out.

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